Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2: the Meaning Behind My Blog Name

A few months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with life. It was a Thursday, which in my case means Institute night. Normally I love Institute and strive to make it a priority, but that day I just felt down in the dumps. It was 7:30 already and I was stuck at home without a car anyways, what was the point in going? Regardless of my feelings to stay home and wallow in self pity, my mom arrived home five minutes later, split second decision: I took the keys and left. Even on my way to Institute, I debated just turning around and skipping that night. I finally arrived in the Institute parking lot, staring at the clock, knowing that there was only a half hour left. Grudgingly, I grabbed my bag and walked into the building. I entered the classroom, taking the spot in the very back. What I learned in that next half hour changed my outlook on life. Bro.Wardle was dissecting a talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland called: "Terror, Triumph, and a Wedding Feast". While absorbing the information from this talk along with the inspired words of the institute teacher, I couldn't help but just sit there and weep from the overwhelming feeling of love that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ had for me. Any feelings of self doubt I had seemed to wash away as I listened to my teacher describe the hope that so many prophets throughout different dispensations have for me, and also the trust that my Heavenly Father has in me. He sent me here not just to be, but to be GREAT! Our ultimate goal as human beings in this world is to eventually become as our Heavenly Father is. This life is a growing process for me to become a Goddess and live eternally with my loving Heavenly Father. He sets things in our life to help us attain that goal, and He is in every single detail of our life. Everything is on His time, and we just need to trust that. At the end of the lesson Bro. Wardle stated that not only are we meant to become great, but we are meant to BE great! Our biggest dreams we can accomplish, because we have the capacity to do so, and we have a loving Heavenly Father who delights in every way to bless us. Nothing gives our Heavenly Father more joy than seeing His children succeed. Dream BIG, Live BIG!!! I am meant to succeed. 

Don't ever give into Satan's temptations of not being good enough. Satan knows who we are, and who we are meant to become, and what plans of his we are meant to thwart, and he is going to stop at nothing to bring us down to misery. Trust Heavenly Father, and always know that you are His child. And YOU DESERVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!! You deserve the best because Heavenly Father wants us to settle for nothing less. Trust Him!!!

Here is a link for the talk given by Elder Holland: